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13 Oct - 8 Dec

2021 Events!

A Series of Artist-Focused Streaming Shows

  • Andrew Kramer
  • Mike "Beeple" Winkelmann
  • John LePore
  • Angie Feret
  • Pedro Ramos
  • Michael Rosen
  • Bryan Coleman
  • Blake Kathryn
  • Nicole Ruggiero
  • Chris Schmidt
  • Can Erduman
  • David Ariew
  • Amanda Godreau
  • Mahnoor Barry
  • David Brodeur
  • Arturo Wong
  • Alex Parker
  • Mehdi Hadi
  • Brandon Parvini
  • Fred Colin
  • Martin Vanners
  • Caroline Le

2021 Events! Presentation Schedule (all times PST)

2021 Events! Presenters

Photo of Alex Parker

Alex Parker

Motion Designer + Character Animator at Freelance

Alex Parker is a freelance Animator + Designer, working under her freshly founded freelance brand, Ladybird Animation. Known mostly for her mid-century design aesthetic and relentless use of the color pink, Alex is no stranger to quirky character animation and telling stories her way: one frame at a time. Her motto is pretty simple: ‘Bright colors. Black coffee.’

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Photo of Amanda Godreau

Amanda Godreau

Motion Designer at Freelance

Amanda Godreau is a Puerto Rican designer that likes to make things move. She works as a designer and animator for studios and clients alike and attends Ringling College of Art and Design's Motion Design Department. She enjoys working in all kinds of mediums and exploring new possibilities.

Amanda grew up in Puerto Rico and has since moved to Sarasota, Florida to pursue her degree. She's always looking for cool projects to work on and cool people to meet!

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Photo of Andrew Kramer

Andrew Kramer

Founder at Video Copilot

Andrew Kramer is a creative director known for his design work on film & TV as well as his contributions to the design community through innovative tutorials and creative plug-ins.

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Photo of Angie Feret

Angie Feret

FUI and Motion Graphic Designer at Scarab

Angie is a Motion Graphic Designer currently working as an FUI (Future/Fantasy User Interface) Designer at Scarab Digital in Vancouver B.C. She also instructs the 3D fundamentals course at Vancouver Film School. Angie loves mentoring others and helping people problem solve.

Since 2007, Angie has been involved on a wide range of projects, from corporate products to feature films. Her most recent works are featured in Superman and Lois, Batwoman, Supergirl, and The Flash, as well as screen graphics for Sonic the Hedgehog.

When she is not at her computer she can usually be found either riding her motorcycle into the wilderness, riding her bicycle, relaxing on beautiful beaches or flying her drone!

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Photo of Arturo Wong

Arturo Wong

Arturo Wong is an Emmy, Promax, and Telly Award winner 3D Generalist based in Los Angeles, California. He has worked professionally for over a decade on major commercial projects, graphic packages, and re-branding packages such as ESPN, Miami Dolphins, CBS4, CBS Sports, HBO, Nissan, Miami Heat, and more. When it comes to 3D there is nothing he enjoys more than to find the magic behind the trick, the how of things work.

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Photo of Athanasios "Noseman" Pozantzis

Athanasios "Noseman" Pozantzis

Athanasios Pozantzis a.k.a. "Noseman" has been making visuals for the advertising industry since 1989. Since then, he has tutored countless artists on Adobe software, Cinema 4D and has created educational content for Cineversity.com, Lynda.com and Linked-in Learning.

It should be noted that most of his students ended up switching careers, becoming Yoga or Pilates instructors, and one of them became an unsuccessful real estate agent.

His main focus is still on converting briefs into images and animations, an undertaking that has definitely NOT won him an Emmy Award, although he did receive a Grand Epica in 2005. He resides in Toronto and is one of the few select Cinema 4D Master Trainers on the globe.

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Photo of Blake Kathryn

Blake Kathryn

Blake Kathryn is a Los Angeles based visual artist. Her work balances between concept and commercial realms spanning across various industries including music, fashion and tech. Blake's work is recognized for its vibrant palettes and ethereal undertones with a surreal futurist aesthetic.

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Photo of Brandon Parvini

Brandon Parvini

Brandon Parvini is a Los Angeles based Design and Technical Director working in the film and entertainment industry for the past 15 years. With and mantra of process over product, Brandon's roots are placed firmly in formal design education and figurative studies from his time as a fine artist before his pivot to the digital arts.

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Photo of Bryan Coleman

Bryan Coleman

Motion Design Director at Freelance

Bryan is a creative director, motion designer, and style-frame artist, with more than a decade of experience. His work relies upon Cinema 4D as a foundation for the creation of broadcast and commercial work. Bryan has worked with a wide range of clients including MPC, Framestore, The Mill, Toros Kose, Blacksmith, WeAreRoyale, HPE, Sarovsky, and Man Vs Machine. He is currently based in Los Angeles and NYC.

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Photo of Can Erduman

Can Erduman

Can is a freelance character generalist specialized in stylized characters. He lives in Germany and operates worldwide.

Bringing characters to life and telling interesting stories is his great passion and motivation. Besides directing, his technical experience spans from sculpting, shading and rigging characters all over to the animation part.

With over a decade of freelancing experience, his clients vary from small local studios to big international companies. He has supervised character animation for products like Lego, Nike, Payback and Caprisun. He taught animation and Cinema 4D at the U.A.S. Mainz, Germany. You can find him frequently talking at international conferences like Playgrounds, FMX or IBC.

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Photo of Caroline Le

Caroline Le

Caroline Le is a 2D and 3D motion designer from the greater New York City area. She has a background in broadcast design and styleframe development, and has a special interest in title design.

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Photo of Chad Knight

Chad Knight

Chad Knight is a ten year digital artist, foundational member of the NFT community and former head of 3D design for Nike. Knight is no stranger to working in Cinema 4D to create high detail sculptures that push the limits of physics.

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Photo of Chris Schmidt

Chris Schmidt

Founder at Rocket Lasso

Chris Schmidt is a 3D artist, educator, software developer and now founder of Rocket Lasso. Deeply rooted in Cinema 4D since 2000, he has hundreds of hour's worth of online tutorials and live streams. Aimed at helping newcomers and professionals alike, covering topics ranging from character rigging and advanced particles setups, Sketch & Toon, and technical motion graphics techniques. Based out of Chicago, Chris also co-founded the annual Half Rez Motion Design Conference and the Chicago C4D user group.

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Photo of David Ariew

David Ariew

3D Motion Designer / Educator at Freelance

David Ariew started his career in neuroscience at UVA, mapping the brain of the common fruit fly, but quickly realized his passion lays elsewhere. His background is in the border between the music and film industries, where he spent three years working on touring visuals for Dave Matthews Band, and where he first discovered his love of Cinema 4D and Octane Render back in 2013.

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Photo of David Brodeur

David Brodeur

Owner at Brilly

Brilly, Formerly Known As Locked And Loading is a Digital Artist. Born and raised in Philly, started his career in Chi-Town, and currently living in St. Pete, he's created a variety of digital artworks. His client list includes some of the largest brands in the world such as Google, Gucci, STARZ, Adobe, Nike, Audi, BMW, and Air Jordan to name a few. He also has created visuals for musical artists such as Skrillex, Amon Tobin, Drake, Scott Storch, DJ Carnage, and Diplo's Mad Decent Label. His personal work is known for having a wide range of imagery through his various "Series" Collections. He has been creating his trademark art series for over nine straight years.

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Photo of Fred Colin

Fred Colin

Fred Colin is a Director and Digital artist in France. He has been working as a freelance artist for the last 10 years. Fred is purely autodidact, and loves to play with diverse and vast body of work from live action to CG.

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Photo of John LePore

John LePore

Chief Creative Director at Perception

As Chief Creative Director at Perception, an award-winning creative consultancy based in New York City, John’s career is focused on a realm that ranges from Superheroes to Hypercars to future-tech. With years of experience in motion design, advertising and user experience, John’s workday now consists of contributing imaginative concepts to blockbuster films, and solving problems for some of the most exciting products in technology.

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Photo of Mahnoor Barry

Mahnoor Barry

VFX / Motion Graphic Artist at Lynn University

Mahnoor Barry is a district award-winning artist. She just graduated from Lynn University majoring in Computer Animation & Motion Graphics. She is originally from Pakistan. Currently, she is the junior Motion Graphic Artist for a leading lifeline provider/ telecommunication company.

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Photo of Martin Vanners

Martin Vanners

After doing photography for over 15 years, Martin Vanners experienced CG to be a full creative life changer. After first installing Cinema 4D, he's never touched a real life camera again. Using 3D to tell cinematic stories has been his passion ever since he started this creative journey just 2 years ago. Martin will show us how his love for photography has been super helpful in his 3D endeavors and will share his experience on how he uses his photography skills to art direct his renders.

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Photo of Mehdi Hadi

Mehdi Hadi

Mehdi Hadi VFX Motion Graphics Artist and Concept Artist and Director and Teacher. He specializes in motion graphics design for commercial, Feature film and game cinematics and title sequence design.

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Photo of Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen runs Samplistic Media, a creative motion design and post-production company in the beautiful Sonoma County hills just north of San Francisco. Fortunate to have worked on a plethora of large brands such as: Samsung, Microsoft, Salesforce, Subway, NBC, FedEx, MTV, Honda etc., as well as indie projects with heart, he loves what he does.

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Photo of Mike "Beeple" Winkelmann

Mike "Beeple" Winkelmann

Graphic Designer at Beeple

Beeple is Mike Winkelmann, a graphic designer from Charleston, SC, USA who does a variety of digital artwork including short films, Creative Commons VJ loops, everydays and VR / AR work.

After he began releasing a set of widely used Creative Commons VJ loops he has worked on concert visuals for Justin Bieber, One Direction, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Zedd, deadmau5 and many more.

One of the originators of the current "everyday" movement in 3D graphics, he has been creating a picture every day from start to finish and posting it online for over ten years without missing a single day.

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Photo of Nicole Ruggiero

Nicole Ruggiero

3D Visual Artist and Director at Nicole Ruggiero Ltd.

Nicole Ruggiero is a 3D visual artist whose work concentrates on technology and culture. Her recent work explores themes like digital emotions and power, online subcultures and communities, and technology as an escapist device. Nicole has recently worked with the following clients: Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris, The Weeknd, Rico Nasty, Adult Swim, New York Times, GIPHY, and Snapchat.

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Photo of Paul Babb

Paul Babb

Chief Marketing Officer at Maxon

Paul Babb is currently the Chief Marketing Officer / COO for the Americas, and well known as the face of Cinema 4D, globally recognized as a market-leading 3D motion graphics, visual effects and rendering software application. Babb spearheads efforts to bolster Maxon brand recognition and promote the company’s Cinema 4D, Redshift and Red Giant product lines.

Photo of Pedro Ramos

Pedro Ramos

Motion Designer at Territory Studio

Pedro Ramos works as a Motion Designer at Territory Studio in London. He creates futuristic graphics for films, TV, video games and brands, imagining how future technologies work and connecting them to a story.

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Photo of Stephy Fung

Stephy Fung

Stephy Fung is a 3D artist based in London who specializes in Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D, Substance Painter and Marvelous Designer/Clo3D. Stephy’s artistic practice centers around building 3D garments and the digital world in which they live. She provides integration, both physical and in the metaverse, through her NFT artworks and AR applications. As her career expands across multiple top leading partnerships such as Selfridges, Xbox, Adidas, Jo Malone, Glenfiddich and Vogue Singapore. Stephy Fung has become a leading expert in 3D clothing and garment design prototyping.

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Photo of Tom Coben

Tom Coben

Tom Coben is a freelance 3D artist living in Minnesota, and has been creating animation and VFX using Cinema 4D for the past 10 years. His artwork is a mix of absurd and surreal visuals.

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